Sunday, February 6, 2011

Today was productive in a non rushed kind of way. I cleaned up my computer, deleted dark pictures, have the baseline organization accomplished and now I can back it up with a 5G flash drive. And then I can download my music on a second one so I have a backup of my cd collection. I got through my cd/DVD/games after deleting and taking out many. The computer took 4 hrs and the binder took another couple over the past few days. It truly feels like I am getting somewhere. Organizing a media library seems like a pointless task for many but I love my tunes and its been chaos for a while. Tomorrow I will tackle the kitchen items which is 2 drawers, clothes and blankets and finish the media library. The computer is now defragging. Doing these projects helps distract from the larger daunting ones that I really only began a few days ago.
I also began putting the get rid of and sell items in a corner and its getting full with van seats, organizers and other random things. In addition, I enjoyed some personal time in thought which makes getting things in order much easier. Sometimes we have to turn the off to get our game on. I had been lacking motivation after the daunting school process. I think we are moving along and I am glad I chose to keep my days off. Its relaxing in a way knowing I am getting closer to my goal.

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