Friday, February 11, 2011

What a day. Went to work, and now get to take care of laundry. I didn't feel to well on thursday so I didn't get to much done plus the drive to do laundry is near work so it doesn't make sense to do a specific trip @ current gas prices.
Tomorrow is the cat show and I haven't been home yet to do the prep work which is a good hour. Then tomorrow the show and then sleep finally. Sunday I will attend the show in the morning and dad will do the afternoon shift. This is different showing without more involved but it should work. One day @ a time and 7 weeks left. The days are flying although I am considering working through the final paycheck as I would then have another check after going on my journey thus only needing a month of travel with financial room to move. I also want a few days to a week to finish things here but we shall see.

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