Thursday, February 24, 2011

last night I got mandated. It took 2 hours to get home. Add an hour of scrape and defrost to get clear so I could take an icy breathtaking drive through country, city and expressway. Then I get home and the power is out. I went to my aunts to do laundry and take a shower and tell work there was no way I was making it back on time for the next shift only 4 hours away. I will have a full time check and will make the day up over the weekend as anything I work now will be overtime.
I put my hair in a braid yesterday. Its a small one but I think it holds well . It might be immature but my african friends say braids hold best and to them I give credit.
Tomorrow more ice but I will be better prepared. I wasn't before bc I hadn't been feeling good and @ 3 hours of sleep I am still not great but far better than I was. Plus during laundry I get to watch tv and see family. I checked on the cats and they are cuddled up in my sleeping bag so that works. Although still not slow and on that note, someone is selling ipads and I saw a dell touch and keyboard pad that is nice. The ipad is cheaper but the ebook more versatile but at twice the cost , we shall see who lands on top.

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