Wednesday, February 23, 2011

So today is the 21st and we are in round 2 of snow. the roads were bad but not impossible. it is now 9 pm and I decided to stop in to Dicks. I have a walmart sleeping bag but its rated for 20 degrees and I couldn't get to walmart so I got a new sleeping bag. Its to freezing but @ 75 dollars it works. It was recommended for a mummy but I get claustrophobic plus the cats need room. However in my room lighted by my phone, typing this blog on it, listening to music, munching on ramen uncooked, I can say this bag is working well with 2 over it. Its 6 lbs but roomy and long. I could fit my pad in as well but on it is working.
I am also thankful my cats are hardy. One is a russian with a triple coat and snow shoes on her paws. The other was born outdoors.
I am definitely getting a mr buddy heater for my trip and pudding foam on my bed.

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