Friday, February 18, 2011

Today I am going out to enjoy this weather. 6 weeks to go, time just keeps going. I have been in a creative mood and downloaded some music instead of spending money going out. I love that part of the internet, I can explore music and thoughts the world over.
When creative, I find myself back into the Celtic flavor and discovered Holly Mithias thanks to Irish MP3 Magazine as well aaron Fiddlestix. I will buy thier CD thanks to this free opportunity to enjoy thier work.
In other news, I got an email from Folk Alley that the FCC is considering cutting funding to non profit and public broadcasting to zero.
This relates to van dwelling and those who like clean and educational programming because without the funding these will cease to exist and I find that unamerican, leaving only the rich to run the media. I enjoy Charlie Rose, many documentaries on the ancient and classical world, and the Celtic hour on pbs radio. Please write and fight for funding to continue, next to our children losing gym class and music, this is the last reachable vestage for seeing a world outside of our bubble.

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