Thursday, February 10, 2011

It was a rough day yesterday and I drank a wee bit to much coffee. But I made it through with many more to go. The key was by the meal. Yesterday was one of those non stop insane physically grueling no matter the caffeine @ the end tired and sore days. There now leaving that at the door and coming back to this set of projects.
I need to set up for the cat show today, and move onward with cleaning. Beyond that, I was reading a more practical thought on minimalism and the idea that technology has merely replaced physical things is realistic I suppose. I don't play many physical games anymore, I play digital ones, I read more blogs and books online, get the news online, and listen to music in mp3 format, watch videos on DVD and write journals, keep a calendar and write memos digitally. This doesn't make music, reading or games with friends any less important, just less space consuming so why have all of those items except for a few for those unplug no power situations. So realistically, its not minimalism, its more digitizing. But I still choose to have fewer things and would eventually like to have a van and camper for a home base and then international travel with most of my stuff able to fit in 2 sacks, one for the van home and one for airplane or train travel. This obviously doesn't include food. Plus I would eventually like to develop a network of travelers to explore different areas. But I don't want commitment neither. So off to some space. I am definitely going for a mini hike today as well.

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