Monday, February 7, 2011

The west coast... As mentioned previously I have plans for the west coast, places to visit and people to see. Some I haven't met and some I have. Its a new region for my 2 kitties and lots of great panoramic views to take pics of. I can't wait to see the Grand Canyon, visit the Joshua tree, visit Yellowstone, hopefully drive the Alcan again and spend some time in Quartzite.
I mapped out this trip which will take me from Oh to KY, over to St Louis and out to CO. Then down through NM to AZ. I haven't driven this route entirely before so I wanted to try it. It will be spring time and too hot for the cats on the I 10 so I won't get the texas route this time around.
I will explore that route when I return home for the holidays. Then next summer I want to drive up the west coast and take the ferry to alaska and visit some friends there for the summer and maybe make a few bucks. I also plan to do a horse or mule ride tour in the Grand Canyon and perhaps explore california of which I have friends there. All in all, its sad to say farewell but we only have one life to live and live it I shall.

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