Thursday, February 17, 2011

Sorry for the blog mess up. I sent it from my phone and it was too long so it broke up and posted as such. For those on reader, truly sorry.
I got the chills last night and couldn't stop coughing around cigarette smoke. I am okay with it normally and respect others rights to partake, but I think my days of diet coke and cigarettes are completely over. Too hard on the system.
6 weeks 1 day until April 1. Time is flying now. I talked to a friend yesterday and she said for once I seem positive with the move as I have milled over it before. But all things happen in their time and place. And I think this is my time and place. At 26, I have visited everyone possible, done many things but not financially efficient. I think this is both travel and reason and with van dwelling it makes the entire notion affordable doable and flexible.

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