Saturday, February 5, 2011

Today I decided to go out even though its snowing. I only get one weekend off a month so its special. The roads weren't really that bad but I am not in a hurry either and keep my distance plus its daylight. That's why I didn't pick up a shift today I don't want to drive tonight. So I got a bag of chips, hit the pet store and took a pair of pants back that didn't quite fit right. So I spoiled myself with a new candle plate and holder. I like to meditate and pray with my cinnamon flavored soy candles and I only have one holder. So to fix that I added a new one. At 6 bucks, I can't complain. Its a nice way to spend my remaining time indoors.
In the van, I can light them outdoors and when I put them out, bring them in to enjoy the fragrance. There is also the oil burning ones and some nice led candle lights. I got an energy drink and filled up the gas tank as well so I don't have to rush before work monday. I am starting to grow peaceful with winter again for now...

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