Monday, February 7, 2011

I entered the cat show for this weekend. Its our final one and the chance to say be well to many friends I have had for the past few years here in the great lakes region. But I look forward to the southwest with the CFA international show, arcadia, colorado springs and a few others. I thought when I moved here that with so many shows I would enter them all but I did about half. It was none the less an educational experience and great fun with so many Siberians in one show, we made history for the US. And on this trip I get to see several of my past kittens which will be nice. I get yearly updates but in person is better since its hard to say when I will be in this region again other than quick visits with the family.
I have a bucket list of places I want to see on the west coast. I did a trip in 2008 to pa, nyc and nj. I saw quite a bit, got lost in nyc and met all different types.

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