Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What a day. I stayed in toledo to do my laundry. Its a family members house so my washer and dryer are stored here. I spent the night on the floor and it was actually comfortable. I read my ebook and downloaded a few more. I picked up an adaptor so I can charge my kobo with a wall or car charger. It also came with a charger to hook my computer to my phone. Sadly though, I mapped out the space in my van and there is no way I can fit the regular computer or handle its power draw. So I will be getting a portable hard drive to back my stuff up, then sell it. I am kind of sad on that one as it was custom built. but I need technology that I can take on plane, train or van and not be power hungry.
At this time kobo and cell are going. The DVD player, big computer, keyboard and mouse are getting replaced with a laptop and tv dongle. I would rather watch tv or DVD from a wifi capable laptop than cart all these parts and some may find me overboard in my considerations of technology but I am in a mini van with VERY limited space after sleeping, food, toiletries, clothing storage and cooking gear. I need certain items for my entertainment and being able to watch movies, catch the local news or check maps and weather reports as well as email or call family is important to me.
The ereader is also important as I don't need a million books anymore but love books. I am a minimalist in some areas but on a rainy day in a van I want the comforts of home.

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