Friday, March 18, 2011

Part 2...
having 2 lifelines is part of what the industrial world calls risk management. I am a woman and I am willing to take a certain amount of risk vandwelling, but having open communication for the what if, and data a reasonable amount of time to stay connected to friends and family. I am trying to minimize isolation.
However, I am also taking some time to reflect and visit with some old friends where being unwired is okay as I won't want to put their details out there without their permission and I just feel some things should remain private.
Some of my friends are conservative in their faith and choose to stay away from technology as they want to retain privacy and the closeness of their family and local community. Basically, they are mostly off the grid and part of me looks forward to that experience as I am wired into a huge network right now.
Albeit, that network like this blog saves paper, takes care of my need to write and allows me to bounce ideas off of other folks. So its a wash as I don't have to carry so many journals which are now scanned into my flash drive. A few days ago, I bought a hd off of ebay so now I can give my dad my old computer which is better and faster than his and is just to power hungry and bulky for my needs.

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