Sunday, March 6, 2011

Further detailed plans are the bed will be 4x4s with a half inch top with hinged lid. At 2 ft across and 6 ft long, we should be good to go. The trifold bed will fit on top and I can fold one section to use the end as a desk if needed I am putting 2 pull out shelves side by side below it, one for my computer stuff for easy access and the other for my coleman one burner stove. Then 2 totes fit below that. On the passenger side, the 3 drawers go behind the seat with fold up tray and chair. I am keeping the rear chair beside the bed because it folds down and and is good as a night stand, cup holder or spot to hold a fan. Plus I was thinking on using my organizer with tray to store my laptop and watch movies at night.
I really want a 10 or 14 inch screen on laptop or touchpad which makes it bigger to haul around but does more so its a trade off. I could just get a portable DVD player but the screen is so small. Then there is the word processing issue for school which requires a keyboard Lol...
I can access the library books for free on my ereader as well so by making it so I don't have to leave the van unless I want to is my game plan.

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