Friday, March 18, 2011

I thought of selling my cello and posted it. I had it appraised and I am not giving it away. So its coming it looks like. It made it from ak so maybe I am overreacting. I also went through my sheet music collection and found the music to Angel. Its a gorgeous solo and better with 2. I have the music for both. I am going to try and record me playing it and see how it sounds. If I can't sell it, I might as well enjoy it again. Its big but the sound is big and warm and its wood, so its not really heavy. I just need to rethink where its going in the van. I could house it along the rear. It fit in the trunk of my alero so it should fit behind the wheel well. I definitely have to build a bed somehow as I was going to put my totes in the rear and I want the passenger side mostly free. I also need to scan some more papers and see if I can find the ebooks for some of my books. I may also need to look @ clothes and copying my DVDs and cds or @ least the cds to a mp3 player, Its back to reducing again which I thought yesterday I was done with. At this pace, I will be down to one hiking pack. Lol...

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