Friday, March 18, 2011

So how to reduce yet. My phone has been great for downloads. My options are sd card which would require 2 to 3. A flash drive that my computer could read but the laptop has a battery life of 4 hours and will consume 1.05 watts to charge which takes 3 hours with the power off. Figuring 2 to 3 days per charge I don't get much music time. The laptop power draw is far less than a larger laptop or a desktop but still a hungry device. My cell phone can charge from my cigarette socket. So my conclusion is an mp3 player while I have the old computer as I can do an entire disk to the mp3 player @ a time. As I don't have an external DVD drive for the laptop yet, I could forgo it for a moment as I won't be watching many movies w the limited power, but music and texting I very much like to have.
So what purpose is the laptop? School papers, research in a timely manner, and reading ebooks as I like the larger screen. I am not spending the money on an ebook reader right now when I have all the major ones on my laptop and can download from there. Mainly, I am waiting to see what books we use for class. I am hoping they are books carried digitally at barnes and noble so I can get the nook color, highlight and take notes and see the pictures in color. But they provide the books as part of tuition and some are digital, so we shall see.

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