Sunday, March 27, 2011

So I went on my final shopping adventure last night. My phone has been getting slight paint chips and its not working for me, so I got a case at walmart by body glove that has a clear screen and solid case with belt clip. I got a arm band case for my mp3 player which the store says has an fm player. I didn't find that but I will try to for the weather. And a car charger for my phone so now music by battery and car handles the phone, we are in good shape. I am hunting for a 12v battery for the laptop but not in a rush for that since I don't need that right now. The fan is 12v as well.
I started on the vanilla soy protein powder and that is working well especially in coffee... I am also considering going down in belongings to fit in 2 back packs for some train and other venue of travel options.

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