Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Some links for fun...
 I have been getting questions from family and friends about what to eat, shop ect. Well, whether you are or not, has some excellent recipes especially under the starter kit for oatmeal pancakes with applesauce topping. I am going to try it for breakfast tomorrow. I made a pea, bean, mayo, rice and cheese mixture for dinner tonight. I am exploring alternatives to cheese and dairy as the dairy and veggies equal gas so I am a lacto veg at this point but small steps is easier. I am definitely full and the gas is no where near as bad as it was in the 3 months I did this in high school. But I have learned that refried beans and some other varieties don't work for me. I am being honest on this subject and covering it hear because it is part of what I am doing. If its not your topic of choice, feel free to skip this post and no flames please.
Chacos are some amazing shoes as my old shoes are about to see sunshine, I wear them to death literally. Chacos are made in the US, eco friendly and not made with animal products. Did I mention comfortable. I am going to my favorite running shoe shop for a proper fitting. I have a pair of boots and they are great. I have had them for a while now and they look great for formal wear which unfortunately I don't attend much these days. I bring this up because of the radiation chances from overseas due to their nuclear plants, I don't have to worry about sweat shop labor and I am in America, so it makes sense to support our economy.
The areas that I need to improve are the cats as I could be more aware especially the litter but  the 24/7 from Tidy Cat is the best I have found. I have tried the other eco freindly brands and crystals worked for a while but my new kitten didn't like it so I didn't have much choice there. I have a 2nd box for the crystals that my older cat uses and maybe the other will try it someday. So far she likes the sand feel and the odor control is still important. They do eat meat but its from Natures Variety pre packaged. I have heard of folks feeding their cats vegetarian food but I don't find that fair or natural so I will continue to buy what is natural for them. I get more joy from them and they aren't breeding and still need a home, so I don't have an ethical issue  in having pets. Now buying pets from pet stores, buying cosmetics from animal testing companies or buying a fur coat, those things weigh heavily on my mind but to each his own. -:)

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