Friday, March 18, 2011

As a person that co owns a border collie, ther energy and intelligence is overwhelming. That's why my pup stays with family. She was a rescue of sorts but her breeding was good although the breeders ethics were lacking. She came from a foster situation as the lady signed them over to a rescue but at least the genetics are there. She is athletic, ambitious and strong willed.
I was watching Cesar Milan and one of the dog aggression issues was a collie mix with horribly splayed feet. That is bad breeding not doing health checks and boo on the person that allowed the pup to come out that way. Then the dog being treated like a human and not a dog first created this temperament.
I am not for dogs being tied up and being forgotten, I am pro shelter AND breeder when both are responsible, pro positive reinforcement and pro natural. Pro natural means I respect the fact a dog comes from the wolf with all the instincts thereto and that should be respected first and then a dog can get on furniture or whatever the house rules are but those are the pack masters rules. You and I are the packmaster. It may be unpopular but dogs don't ask to be fixed but they should be, dogs prefer to run the neighborhood but cars will hit them ect, aka dogs ARE NOT people too, I am pro welfare, not rights.

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