Friday, March 18, 2011

some people bring books to read, I have my handy phone. Buying a smartphone albeit not an iphone or blackberry was one of my best moves. I don't get as good of reception as I did on my old widget prepaid slider phone as it was on the verizon network. This one is either sprint or at&t.v. I don't remember right now but there is enough to do offline its okay. I also am glad to have a qwerty keyboard. There aren't as many apps for the symbian os but a 200 dollar phone and 45 a month who am I too complain.
I am considering getting another cheap verizon phone preferably an old razor so I can have a text only prepaid plan in case of emergency, I will then have a second lifeline. We used to say you need an heir and a spare. Virgin mobile is another option. I need to do some research as I don't want to spend more than 20 more a month but having 2 network coverage options is needed for talk and text. Its a security thing as I am a woman.

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