Friday, March 11, 2011

Today I am working hospital duty and another double but its worth it and I like the hospital when its comfort care for someone I know well. I may have to extend my work date until the 21st. That would give me a cushion.
I needed a laptop for school and travel, the van needs a few things and I will be waiting for a bit knowing the government for my stipend. So that gives me 3.5 weeks to get there and 2 weeks to get settled and register for classes. I drove alaska to ohio in 11 days so 3 weeks is good for now with a good layover in colorado with a friend. Plus once I register and start getting my stipend, I can get a camper and camp out @ campgrounds and get the cats. I still want an ultralite camper and an SUV although the prius has its appeal and could haul the ultralite hard shell. There are several options but once I have the camper, having good gas mileage and a hatchback or SUV is appealing as it won't need as much stuff inside. Option b is the minivan and scooter with the van staying mostly parked and the scooter to get around but that's not as comfortable as the camper especially with pets.

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