Sunday, March 6, 2011

I took a shower before I left home on Friday. I did a wash up last night and I still smell good. I used outdoor rx body wash for my hair as well and it seems to be working out. I have used baking soda and apple cider vinegar in the past but ran out and I am working with what I got. I am going to visit a friend today to shower before work, then its camp out again for the night until work another double tomorrow and then off the next two days. I miss the cats but a friend is checking in on them and gas is too high to make the hour drive in the snow to my place and back when I can sleep in the van or friends places. The van isn't as comfortable as I would like but its not bad. I have decided to wait on the computer until next month.
I think getting the bed and frame made are more immediate concerns. I will have plenty of time to explore computers and the like for the week or two after I am in the van. plus my back has been getting stiff, so more than a bedroll and sleeping bag are needed. I am getting some memory foam. My tri fold bed was nice but its gotten worn from time, so its time for a new one. It folds into thirds so I can use the bed for other things on the end section with the foam out of the way.

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