Friday, March 25, 2011

I must say this is much nicer typing on a almost full size keyboard with a laptop on a screen that's easier on the eyes. Its a more power hungry device for sure, but it will come in handy for all those papers. I am done buying technology for right now except for the portable dvd drive that's a huge benefit in laptop land. I have the mp3 player, the laptop and cell phone plus charger cables. That all fits nicely in my targus carry case. I also have a 12V fan and freezer do dod but I don't know what I will do with the freezer thingy since it does work but its power hungry and I have a cooler that can do the same thing without the power draw. Now that I don't eat meat or drink pop, I don't have much to keep cold. I am working on giving up the dairy as well as I don't seem to use much dairy to begin with. I like soy and rice milk on occasion.
Today for breakfast I had toast and hummus. For lunch I boiled some rice, added tahini and hummus and some canned peas (which I have plenty left in the can for later). Tonight its tomato soup, rice and black beans.
Work was 6 to 10 am and then 2-10 pm, such odd hours but the break in the middle is where I am at now, getting laundry done, visiting a friend for a shower, enjoying lunch and checking up on email. My check doesn't look right so I have to check into it but I have 60 hours for this week for the next one. There just seems to be one bill after another. I had to buy shoes this time around as mine had holes in them but they weren't bad priced.
I think either way I am going to continue to try and sell a few things and work it out so I can get going and hopefully I make it there and things work out. Its not going to be easy but it should pan out in the end. My dad asked me about work and I told him its not really on my mind, just many other things that happen when you are moving 2000 miles across the country in a minivan.

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