Friday, March 11, 2011

A morning of diet mtn dew instead of coffee. For some reason since I have been working doubles I don't want to stay sleeping to much. It truly was my last time off a few weeks ago. But its worth it.
I bought an acer one netbook. It works well so far. I am using it as an ereader, for google maps, and the standard windows programs. Eventually I will add a portable DVD drive and portable hard drive. I already have the mouse. It has hdmi as well although I can't see powering a tv and eating the battery up. And a bigger screen is likely to be hard to move although having a 7 or 10 inch tv is a good idea as I can watch local tv or plug in the DVD player with the longer battery life. I also have a printer and the laptop can use my phone or wifi for internet.
They have a 7 inch tv @ pilot with usb so my DVD player could work directly in either. I want something to fit in the laptop bag. Laptop, cell, DVD drive, chords, camera, mouse, portable hd and tv. I want to have the ability to take it all with me in my shoulder pack like I do now especially in high theft areas.
I could get a laptop that does it all but batteries and if something breaks, I would rather replace one thing instead of the whole machine.

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