Sunday, March 6, 2011

Final post for the day... Like I said before, this blog is saving paper and its my space. I really like how my skin feels with the no rinse body wash although I do rinse and dry. I shampooed my hair with cold water in a place nearby, wasn't a business, and boy, talk about saving water. None the less, its clean. I will go back to no poo with baking soda and vinegar when I leave as it can go through the stages. Even with poo, every 3 days seems to do the job.
I noticed even @ 3 days, its thicker and growing. I use the no rx stuff sometimes or just baking soda and sometimes a good brushing, depending. If I have been working, it gets something. Anyways, saved gas, didn't have to pay anything to stay clean and I feel better.

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