Saturday, March 19, 2011

I am sad that some political forces have opted to stop funding npr. I for one enjoy their fair and balanced reporting. At one time I was working on becoming a journalist and found npr the best example of fair and balanced reporting without all the hype many other agencies have. They are part of the american people and if we can fund banks who have repeatedly hurt the economy and wrecked lives, then why can't we fund npr that helps speak english to a generation overrun by media dramatics. Looking @ where our money goes, NPR is both educational, stands for the ideal of a non profit without a religious twist, and gives us useful information which has guided many people on several intense subjects to vote with informed knowledge. They are a true piece of democracy and without NPR much like the rights of bargaining employees, we are taking steps back by a century or more, a truly sad sight for a country that has come so far. Add the right to keep our money vs paying a tax to support local communities. This isn't political party specific, this is the upper echelon of America, those people we voted for that do as I say, not as I do, should be their slogan. Then I could say they were being honest about their dishonesty.

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