Sunday, March 13, 2011

I am off for the next 2 days thankfully and only work 2nd shift today. I have been considering the cost of trailers and weight issues. I don't see me getting a van larger than the minivan or an SUV. So I was considering a pop up trailer now that I have perfected the wash up routine with a sink. a quicksilver 6.0 or similiar one side pop up would work. I need weight room left over for a scooter thass highway legal for alternative transportation. I won't be moving every day and it could go in a campground and thus take care of the power issues and towing, its a low profile so that would work. I want a portable home although fiberglass and aluminum aren't off the radar but a pop up is like a portable screen room that's light, gives me a separate home from my van and a cooking area.
Basically, a pop up I can stand in, tow with virtually any vehicle, is cheap, light and fairly easy to set up. I will still use the van for primary bed and travel but the stand up room is a kicker for me. Also, the additional storage is a plus and pop ups now come with most amenities found in hard sided counterparts. Tear drops are the other light weight option but I want to stand up.

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