Thursday, March 17, 2011

As I consider my options, I am getting nervous @ all I have left to do. I want a very part time job and I came across a few recently and will be looking into those tomorrow as I will feel more comfortable if I have an income source until my stipend flows and then I still like a few pennies.
I am only planning 11 weeks in the small town then I am going to tucson for better jobs and more opportunities. This means 11 wks plus 6 weeks getting there in the van just to start with. By then I should know how things will pan out.
I have also been looking @ power options and batteries are heavy and messy, so I am looking into solar from earthtech and then a panel from harbor freight. One solid panel and some portable ones will keep me covered stealth or not. But that will probably come later. I was looking @ burro trailers and I like them as well. Aliners have their appeal but the peak is a bit much.

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